When it comes to landing that dream job, more is at play than just an updated resume and cover letter.

Here are some things you can do to increase your chances of success right here in the Capital Region:

  • 1

    Do Your Research

    When you're setting up interviews, it definitely helps to know the company and the business you're trying to get in with. After doing research, you'll feel more confident answering the tough questions, and honestly, what's more vital than confidence during an interview situation?

  • 2

    Always Ask Questions

    Don't feel like a nuisance for asking questions during an interview -- in fact, you should be asking questions according to themuse. When the potential employer turns the tables and asks you if you have questions, they're giving you an opportunity to show that you've done your research (see no. 1!)

  • 3

    Enroll at Job Corps

    If you know you want to land an awesome job but you don't have enough experience or you didn't finish high school/college, Job Corps is a great option to explore. They offer a wide array of classes that will most definitely give you the experience you need for the job you've always wanted.

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