Three New York hotels made the 2019 USA Today's list of haunted Hotels. These three made the list one is only an hour away from Albany. The number 1 haunted hotel on the list in is Tonopah Nevada. The Mizpah allegedly has many spirits that allegedly haunt the place. Whether you believe in hauntings or not these place definitely have historical value.  Me personally, I don't believe any of these claims.

  1. The one listed at number 3 is located in Nichols New York, that's about 2.5 hours from Albany this place is called the Fainting Goat Island inn, that sounds like a ploy to get ghost hunters money. People report to seeing two women sitting in tea in the Fainting Room, not to mention the child-size chair next to the “Nubian” room.
  2. The next New York hotel on the list in the Belhurst Castle, this also sounds like another tourist attraction. the castle e is located in Geneva, New York. Isabella the opera singer allegedly haunts the place and she died in a collapsing tunnel. Why is there no documentation of this, I’m sure if she was a successful Opera singer there would be some old newspaper write up so we could have more of a description, than Isabella.
  3. The last on the list and closest is The Sagamore Resort in Lake George. This place is old and it seems like they want to distance themselves from ghost rumors and just run a normal hotel business. People have reported spirits all through the hotel, the typical women in dresses, young children etc. They are members of the historic hotels of America and don’t claim any of the ghost rumors. I'm sure the historic hotel connection is the only reason the owners haven't torn this place down years ago.

Who knows if any of these claims are true?  I doubt it but this would be an interesting trip for anyone who likes old hotels.

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