The Capital Region has been a hotbed lately for New York Lottery's Take 5 winners. The latest winner comes from Saratoga County and I am convinced that it's just a matter of time until I am cashing in a Take 5 winning ticket. I have to admit I was a bit bummed it wasn't me when I found out where the ticket was sold.

We have a $23,892.50 Take 5 winner who bought the lucky ticket in Mechanicville. When I first saw the headline, I couldn't lie, I had a strong feeling that it could have been us. But then I realized that we didn't play on the weekends and the store it was sold at isn't the one we go to in my hometown. The winner purchased their ticket at the Price Chopper in Mechanicville on Sunday for the midday drawing according to News 10 ABC.

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Even though it wasn't my family, there is a solid chance that it is either someone I know or am related to in Mechanicville. After all, it is a close-knit town and that is the only grocery store in Mechanicville. Also, it shouldn't take long for word to travel about who is the lucky winner.

This latest winner is among many in the Capital Region in the last few months. Before the Mechanicville winner, there was a forty thousand dollar winner in Columbia County at the Xtra Mart in Claverack. There was another one in Saratoga County in Waterford at Waterford Beverage. That winner took home sixty thousand dollars. Then there was a winner in Rensselaer County at QUDRAT INC, located at 491 5th Ave in Troy. That winner took home $53,539. In April, there was a thirty thousand dollar Take 5 winner in Schenectady County. They split the top prize that night.

It's not easy to match all five of your numbers to the five picked in a field of thirty-nine. The odds are one in five hundred seventy-five thousand seven hundred fifty-seven to one. But now that there was a winner in my hometown, I feel like it's only a matter of time until I hit the Take 5. I'll keep you posted.

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