Columbia County is boasting the latest Take 5 winner in the New York Lottery. This time someone won the top prize of forty-five thousand dollars. The winning ticket was sold for Saturday night's (July 31st) drawing at a busy convenience store.

According to, the forty-five thousand dollars Take 5 winning ticket was sold at the Xtra Mart at three Route 9H in Claverack. The person matched all five winning numbers which were: 5, 20, 21, 22, and 30. The exact total jackpot was forty-four thousand nine hundred seventy-one dollars and fifty cents.

To win the Take 5, you must match all five of your numbers and they are drawn from a field from one to thirty-nine. The odds of matching all five numbers are one in five hundred seventy-five thousand seven hundred fifty-seven to one. That's why I can't believe how many winners are coming from the Capital Region.

There have been so many Take 5 winners from the Capital Region lately. The latest was in Saratoga County in Waterford at Waterford Beverage. That winner took home sixty thousand dollars. Then there was a winner in Rensselaer County at QUDRAT INC, located at 491 5th Ave in Troy. That winner took home $53,539. In April, there was a thirty thousand dollar Take 5 winner in Schenectady County. They split the top prize that night.

Because of all of these winners lately in the Capital Region, we have started playing Take 5 almost every night. I know it's not life-changing money but it would help pay off some credit card debt and that would be fine with me. Who knows? Maybe soon I could be writing about myself as the next Take 5 winner.

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