The wait is almost over. After hinting at a possible album release, 21 Savage appears to be preparing to follow through. Today (Dec. 6), the 26-year-old rapper unveils the title and cover art for his new LP, I Am > I Was.

Uploading the album's cover art to Instagram, 21 simply wrote goat emojis as his caption. The album's cover art depicts a blurred out version of 21 with his eyes covered. I Am > I Was is written in a white-colored font. His post doesn't say the exact release date for the album, however, fans are expecting the project to release tonight. Last month, the "No Heart" rapper tweeted "12-7-18," causing loyal fans to wait patiently for tomorrow, though it feels very unlikely the LP will drop then.

While 21 hasn't spoken too much about his new LP, he did give XXL some insight into the project for his spring 2018 XXL Magazine cover story. At the time, he made it clear he's headed back to his chugged out roots.

“I’m going back gangsta,” he explained. “I’m going back to what brought me in the door. All that other music be cool. I don’t be knowing what the fans want ’cause it be like...they want, like, the ‘Bank Account’ music, but I don’t know. I wanna get back on some gangsta shit ’cause I feel like everybody rap about money and cars. Like they say I rap about too much guns and shit, but that’s what the hell be going on. That’s what really be going on, like, in real life.

He continued, "Everybody don’t have a Bentley in real life. It’s a lot of people that got guns that ain’t got shit. So, I be trying to go back more. I’m tryin’ to go back more to that side on the next album and not promoting it, but just, voicing it. Like being they voice ’cause the rest of America don’t hear them type [of ] people. It’s very few people who can speak for them. So, that’s what I wanna go back to.”

Although he hasn't dropped any solo projects this past year, that hasn't stopped 21 from keeping busy. He joined forces with Future, SZA and G-Herbo within the last couple of months. He also won Song of the Year this past August at the 2018 MTV VMAS.

Check out 21 Savage's I Am > I Was album cover art below. Be on the lookout for the potential release of his album.

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Epic Records

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