Lego sets have always been fun for kids and adults. Now the makers of Lego are creating specific sets for adults with a special purpose. In an effort to improve adults' overall well being, Lego is coming out with the Lego Forma line to help inspire creativity and reduce stress. According to,  the sets aren't available yet but are aimed at being more intricate and thought provoking.

When the sets are made available, they will include marine models inspired by nature. There will be the Koi Skin, Shark Skin, Spash Koi Skin or a complete set that you can customize and put together piece by piece. These are their Indiegogo models. These models will contain nearly three hundred pieces and take two to three hours to assemble.

The company hopes that these new Lego sets will help adults relax, be more creative and help their overall mental well being while reducing stress.

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