Ariana Grande  and Big Sean may have broken up a few years ago, but by most accounts they're still pretty cool. That's a point that surfaces in Grande's new video for "Thank U, Next" which includes a playful, flirty nod to her ex-boyfriend.

In the video, which was released last Friday (Nov. 30), Ariana Grande released her new video for and had fans in a tizzy over some of the subliminal references to all her ex-boos in the clip. But fans instantly spotted something pretty interesting. In one scene, as Ari goes through her burn book of ex-lovers, her Big Sean page features a flirty caption that reads, “so cute, so sweet” and in parentheses “could still get it.”

Grande's new video, which pays homage to various teen movies from the mid-2000s, has been viewed over 125 million times and it quickly sent fans into a frenzy. However, some fans weren't pleased because, despite rumors that Big Sean and Jhene Aiko have broken up, some fans still have hope that they're still an item—or could once again be one even if they've split.

"Yes the #ThankUNextVideo is great BUT the part where Big Sean (Could still get it) is Disrespectful to Jhené Aiko!! Period," tweeted one fan.

Neither Sean or Jhene have made an official announcement about their relationship status. However, the "Bed Peace" singer did have her face tattoo of Sean's likeness covered up by famed tattoo artist Miryam Lumpini in November.

Jhene's new ink now displays a multi-colored galaxy complete with a rocket ship and a planet. The R&B mom has yet explained why she had Sean's face covered but she doesn't have to tell us why at this point.

Check out fans' reactions to Ariana Grande's flirty message to Big Sean below. We also included the singer's "Thank U, Next" video for, um, evidence.

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