In their new track, 2 Chainz and Kanye West reveal some pretty simple requests for the special days. In fact, 2 Chainz only wants one thing for his birthday. What is it?

Chainz entreats the listener, “All I want for my birthday is a big booty girl.” We think he can afford that, right? Most likely once his record hits shelves, anyway. ‘Birthday Song’ is the second single from 2 Chainz’ debut, ‘Based on a T.R.U. Story,’ which will go on sale on Aug. 14 per Billboard.

When Yeezy gets to his own verse, the track takes an intentionally hilarious turn. (Seriously, if West ever gets sick of rapping, he’d be a pretty good comedy writer.) We quickly learn what his boo, Kim Kardashian, should get him for his next big day when he rhymes, “Y’all been together 10 years, you deserve a ménage / Especially if you put that BMW in the garage / Especially if you paid a couple payments on her mama crib / Weren’t you at niece’s graduation, man I hate those kids.” Strong words coming from a man whose galpal has a famous family, no?

The Atlanta native spoke to Complex about his work with West, admitting that he’s not signed to G.O.O.D. Music — yet, anyway. “I’m not officially signed, paperwork-wise, to G.O.O.D. Music. But I have a great rapport with ’Ye,” 2 Chainz told the mag. “He called me before ‘Watch the Throne’ came out. I’m an only child. I’ve got trust issues. So I don’t have a best friend, a brother, sister — nothing. Stuff was happening in my life that I couldn’t tell nobody. I didn’t have anybody in my life that I could tell, like, ‘’Ye just called me.’”

Now not only did Ye call 2 Chainz, he also helped him blow out his candles. Not a bad deal.

Listen to 2 Chainz Feat. Kanye West, ‘Birthday Song’

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