Are you currently sitting on the couch (or in bed) bored, looking for something to do? Maybe you can try some of these cheap things in Lake George.

Sure, Lake George is a tourist destination. But it is loads of fun for us too. Many think you always have to spend money to do anything. Not true, in fact. Some of these listed things are free. Nothing beats free. NYUP compiled the list of 10 things to do for under $50 in Lake George. So here we go!

  1. Check out Battlefield Park - FREE
  2. Go to the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum - $10.28
  3. Take in some art at SUNY Adirondack - FREE
  4. Watch Fireworks in the evening - FREE (Of course some research is needed here)
  5. Tour The Sagamore - FREE
  6. Drive up Prospect Mountain - $10
  7. See a show at Shepherd Park - FREE
  8. Play Mini-Golf - $8.75
  9. Get ice cream at The Pink Roof - $5
  10. Walk up the main strip - FREE

Not a single thing listed there that will cost you any more than $10.28. More info from NYUP, here.

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