Coronavirus cases are spiking all across the U.S. Even here in the Cap City theres been a slight spike in cases. People can't seem to follow simple social distance guidelines or wear masks while in public. Heres a list of 10 places you're most likely to catch Covid-19.

1. Bars

2. Schools ( if they reopen without proper planning)

3. Airplanes and Public Transportation

4. Large Crowds

5. Restaurants

6. Parties at Home

7. Church

8. The Gym

9. A Cruise Ship

10. Indoors

I know its Summer and everyone wants to get out socialize, have fun and enjoy the weather. But there is clearly a national pandemic still going on and many are ignoring the highly publicized guidelines on how to stop the spread. Its simple: wear a mask, avoid crowds especially in bars, practice social distancing, and wash your hands often. If people can resist the temptation of Summertime activities, then maybe the numbers will stop rising.

I witness it every day on social media and all around me in public. Its shocking how many people just don't seem to care enough to follow these guidelines. I guess most people won't realize how serious this pandemic really is until it hits home.

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