Generation NEXT Podcast Episode #8
Salute to everyone who submitted a song for The Generation NExt Podcast. It happens every Sunday at 10 p. There were 5 songs that were selected based off of votes at Hot991.com. Check the stats below and download and subscribe the Generation NExt Podcast on Apple Music...
Wonder of The Day: Selfies
How's that Sunday going down? Good, I hope!! It's your Sunday gal, Wonder, don't forget I am on the air right now until 6pm! Every Sunday, that's how it goes down! And every day, every hour, every minute, you know I am always wondering about something! And today, it's all about SELFIES!
Selfies have …
518 Hip Hop
The weekend is super close, hallelujah!! Some of us have not penciled in one plan yet for our weekends, and may have no idea what to do!! Well, I've got something for you, ESPECIALLY if you are a fan of our local hip hop and music scene here in the 518!
518 Hip Hop Album Release Party 9.20
For the record, I have been showing Hump Day some love long before this dam Geico camel! But anyhow, Happy freakin Hump Day!!! Weekend is almost here as we get over this hump of a day, and got a 518 music event to tell you about that you may want to pencil into your weekend plans!!
Obama In Albany Re-Cap
Today’s weather confirms President Obama did not bring the gloom and rain to the Capital Region with him for yesterday’s Albany visit. Instead, he shined a bright light on what’s happening in Albany and wants other cities to mimic our industrial prowes…