T.I. has found himself on the wrong side of the Internal Revenue Service's watchful eye as the Atlanta rapper reportedly owes them over $6.2 million in unpaid taxes. The Daily Mail reports the IRS has filed a federal tax lien against T.I., who real name is Clifford Harris, for the third time in less than a year.

According to documents obtained by the Daily Mail, the latest lien filed by the IRS is for the amount of $1,640,664.90. This comes after T.I. was hit with two liens back in August 2016 that amounted to $1,397,283.47 for unpaid taxes from 2012 and $3,173,476.39 for unpaid taxes from 2013. The grand total of all three liens amounts to $6,211,424.76.

The IRS claims that they demanded payment from T.I., but the Grand Hustle boss has refused to do so. In reaction to this, the IRS now has plans to seize T.I.'s assets to collect the debt.

T.I. might be able to end this whole situation on a smoother note as his estimated worth has been reported at around $215 million. Money Magazine reported that T.I. was one of the highest paid rappers in 2015 as he earned an estimated $75 million last year.

In addition to all the money T.I. has already earned in his career, the trap pioneer just signed a deal to become a part owner of the streaming service Tidal. T.I. announced the deal yesterday (Feb. 22) as he became the 19th artist to claim an ownership stake in the company. And on top of his Tidal deal, T.I. also signed to Roc Nation for the release of his next album titled Dime Trap.

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