Update: Andrew Dawson's manager contacted XXL to let us know the document saying Gambino has an upcoming album is outdated and was accidentally updated by an intern. Read the original story below.

It's been a good minute since Childish Gambino has let any new music loose, and while he's been busy acting in the Oscar-nominated film The Martian and developing his own TV show for FX, there's a small hint that his next musical project is done or close to it. A quick visit to music engineer Andrew Dawson's website and list of credentials reveals that he mixed Gambino's "Forthcoming Album." The cred is listed second on Dawson's discography behind only Kanye West's "Waves," for which Dawson served as a co-producer, co-writer and mixer.

While Gambino provided a track for last year's Creed soundtrack, his last official musical drop came in the way of October 2014's double release of the mixtape STN MTN and the EP Kauai. Previous to that, his last album was 2013's Because of the Internet. If Dawson's discography is any clue, than a follow-up album could be on the not-too-distant horizon. Or it's an indication that Gambino is keeping details regarding the album close to the vest. While the credit lists the entire forthcoming album, it is possible, similar to "Waves," that Dawson had a hand in a single song but can not yet divulge the song's title. Dawson also mixed "select tracks" for the Creed soundtrack, so an overlap is equally plausible.

Dawson recently spoke with Billboard about working on Kanye West's The Life of Pablo, saying, "Even though we initially decided to do the shift thing, all of us were pretty much at the studio 24 hours a day... it was pretty intense to be honest with you." He additionally details the hectic process of mixing "Waves" last minute, suggesting that without the recent scramble to add the Kanye track, his work with Gambino would have been his most recent.

Details regarding Gambino's new album remain scarce though, but with his FX show Atlanta scheduled for a summertime release, that seems as good a time as any to expect the album to drop.

We have reached out to Dawson for comment but have not yet received any answer. We'll update this story when we do.

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