The beef between The Game and Young Thug is going from ugly and heated to bizarrely sweet. While less than a week ago, The Game was commenting on Instagram that he'd "beat the Victoria secret out that boy/girl” now the two rappers are seemingly exchanging pleasantries with regard to the cuteness of their respective daughters.

The bad blood between the two dates all the way back to last May, when Game said he'd take on any Wayne detractors himself. In the time since, both Game and Thugger have barked at each other through various channels and settings. But on Monday (Feb. 22) the two rappers exchanged veiled compliments on Instagram, posting a picture of the other's daughter. Thug started the strange back-and-forth, writing in a since deleted post, "Such a cutie....Wish she was my kid!!"

Though Game is overseas touring, he wasted no time responding, writing, "Aye, you ain’t had to delete the post thug… I appreciate you for the compliment on @LittleMissCaliDream… In fact, your daughter cute too bruh - Sincerely, The Game." This peculiar development adds a twist in the storied beef between these two and it's not immediately clear what to make of it. This could be an olive branch, the first step to a truce, or some sort of cryptic "visit your loved one while you're not there" mob scare tactic sort of thing. Check out the screengrabbed photos below and make out the strangeness of it all for yourself. 

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