If you haven't heard the story of embattled police officer Michael Geraci Jr., it has been all over the local news. According to the Times Union:

He had been facing termination for allegedly choking and punching a 12-year-old boy in Colonie on Halloween after the youngster and some of his friends hurled pears at Geraci's home and tried to flee.

Sheriff Dominic Dagostino said Geraci is expected to start his new job patrolling rural county roads in early March. He'll earn about $65,000 annually.

Albany Chief Brendan Cox said Geraci, whose base annual salary as a patrol officer was $66,032, has agreed to resign effective Feb. 28.

He is taking a $1,000 pay loss and is allowed to go on with his life. Maybe the kid deserved what he got? That is the only sensible reason I can find for just letting this go.

I wonder what the kid's parents think about this. Do you think this is fair? Should an officer under investigation from one department be allowed to be hired with another department?