Method Man recently admitted that he needed to “get off the couch.” By the sounds of things, he’s doing just that. The Wu-Tang Clan member revealed at a Hollywood performance that the band is getting back together. Meth announced a 20th anniversary album is in the works.

“This year will be the twentieth anniversary. How many brothas kept a job for twenty years? The same job? That’s the sh--. We owe that sh—to each and every fan that ever supported our music… and that’s real talk.”

M-E-T-H-O-D Man hyped up the album. “On that note, man, we got an anniversary coming up. The Wu Tang anniversary album coming up, we working on that now. Some nice treats on there.

No time frame was given, but Meth emphatically promised, “This year. This f---ing year.” We’ll let you know when we catch word of an official release date.