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Method Man Calls Out Imposter for ‘Catfish’ Antics
After the movie-turned-MTV-reality-show 'Catfish: The TV Show' premiered in 2012, the computer savvy are more careful about who they talk to online. However, even those who don't use certain social networks fall victim to the "catfish" trend. Method Man included.
Photo Of Redman On Twitter Sparks… Debate [TWEETS]
People act like its against the laws of Hip Hop to get old. Recently a picture of 43 year old Redman showed up on Instagram and people are clowning the legendary rapper for doing something we are all going to do and that is get old.
Here are some of the hilarious tweets:
While some of these tweets are…
Wonder of The Day: Love & Break Ups [VIDEO]
As I give you the music you want to hear today, you know my mind is all over the place, usual!! Today, I am wondering about that dirty word love, most importantly, break ups!!
10 Best Verses From ‘Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)’
There's Boogie Down Production's 'Criminal Minded. The Beastie Boys' legendary 'Licensed to Ill. Eric B. & Rakim's 'Paid in Full.' Hip-hop has plenty of albums that are considered landmarks in the culture, but what do they mean for the casual fan? They're essential listens and are still on the p…
Is ‘How High’ Getting A Sequel?
It’s been about twelve years since the release of one of the greatest stoner movies of all time, How High. Method Man and Redman starred as Silas and Jamal. TMZ’s cameras recently caught up with Meth and he alluded to the possibility of a sequel.
Method Man Confirms Wu-Tang 20th Anniversary Album [VIDEO]
Method Man recently admitted that he needed to “get off the couch.” By the sounds of things, he’s doing just that. The Wu-Tang Clan member revealed at a Hollywood performance that the band is getting back together. Meth announced a 20th anniversary album i…