Um, did Drake just made a half-court shot while on his back? Yes. Yes he did.

Presumably Drizzy was in Atlanta (given the logo on the court floor) and in the Instagram post he shared, he joking said the shot was "for the Kia"—no doubt referencing half-court giveaways and challenges at basketball games.

Obviously Drake is an avid basketball fan, attending games, cheering, and name-dropping basketball players frequently in his rhymes—but who knew dude actually had skills? After the shot he gives the camera a look that says this is child's play for him, although we wonder how many attempts he made before landing it? It doesn't seem like that many, the dude in the background screams in awe at the shot.

Off the court, Drake has been super busy making folks mad while on his Summer Sixteen tour. From Hot 97's Ebro an Funkmaster Flex, to Meek Mill and Meek Mill's super hyped-goons, Drizzy's tour has been nothing if not entertaining. Of course, that's also because he brings out the entire rap game once he hits a city—Eminem even joined him on stage in Detroit. And although his latest album, Views, probably won't see the top spot on the charts this week because Frank Ocean's Blonde is poised to be No.1, it's still one of his best performing albums to date.

In other words, as per usual, Drake is winning.


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