DJ Khaled has become the self-help guru of Snapchat, and the Miami-based hip-hop star had to learn a costly lesson about being careful with what you post online.

The Miami producer has been doling out advice and motivation online for the past few months ranging from "You a genius" to "Them doors that was closed, I ripped the doors off the hinges and put the hinges in my boys' hands." But when Khaled flashed his American Express Black Card during one of his motivational videos, he reportedly lost $80,000 within seconds.

Users began making purchases and Khaled had to call the law. The We the Best leader notified the authorities and made it known that the purchases were being tracked.

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and this is just. Another one,” said Khaled later via Snapchat.

The guru has become renowned for his Khaled-isms and words of encouragement. But he had not-so-encouraging words for whomever decided to go on a shopping spree with his info.

“People who bought something with my card. All purchases are trackable and you will be arrested. Congratulations, you played yourself."

Khaled uses Snapchat to motivate and empower, so it's pretty sad that people would take advantage of him. But Khaled also has to know that flashing plastic online -- no matter how well-intentioned -- could backfire. Hopefully, Khaled will get reimbursed for his troubles.

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