Chris Brown has been sued plenty of times, but this is probably the weirdest lawsuit he has to deal with. Breezy is being sued by a fan who claims that the R&B singer swiped his hat during a concert performance.

According to the suit, Marq Stevenson was at Brown’s Dallas concert last year and he gave his baseball cap to one of Brown’s hanger-ons with hopes the singer would autograph it. Apparently, he never got it back. A year later, Stevenson is looking for compensation over the lost of his $25 hat.

According to TMZ, Stevenson believes Brown "jacked him" for his lid and is seeking $2,500 for the alleged bullying and $225 for the floor seat tickets he paid to see Brown in concert.

That must be one special hat.

Attorneys for Chris Brown had no comment on the matter.

What do you think? Should Chris Brown reimburse the fan for his alleged stolen hat? Tell us in the comments below.

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