Although T.I. was not involved in the tragic club shooting at New York's Irving Plaza earlier this week, it might affect his money in terms of future concert gigs.

According to TMZ, the Troy Ave shooting has left promoters in Florida shook.

Apparently, Tip was scheduled to perform at a Graduation concert for high school students in South Florida on June 11. But after the New York shooting, the promoters feel that T.I. wouldn't be an appropriate music act for their show. Although the promoters have paid a $55,000 retainer fee for his performance, they now want a refund.

The promoters reportedly have sent T.I. a legal notice stating that "due to the shooting, the quality of the Talents services is not satisfactory to our Client." They also said that their event has been advertised "as a safe environment for the students."

In other words, they are worried that T.I.'s presence would bring unwanted elements to their event and they don't want no parts of that.

We must mentioned again that T.I. was not involved in the New York shooting so this stigma they put on the Atlanta rapper is really unwarranted. However, we understand the promoters concern for the students' safety.

Reps for T.I. have not responded to the promoters legal notice. However, the Grand Hustle honcho did address the tragic incident in a heartfelt Instagram post where he expressed his condolences and prayers to those affected by the shooting.