Chief Keef is the definition of young and reckless. We reported earlier that he would “slap Lupe in the face” in retaliation of previous comments aimed at the young’n from Chicago. Now, in a classless move, Keef poked fun at a rival rapper who was killed last night.

The rival we’re talking about is Lil JoJo, a sixteen year old who died from a gunshot last night. JoJo has been beefin’ with Keef’s dude Lil Reese.

After news broke, Keef posted some less-than-friendly tweets:

“HahahahahhahahahahahahahaahhAAHAHAHAHA #RichN----S---,” “Its Sad Cuz Dat N---- Jojo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO.”

Not even old enough to legally buy porn or cigarettes yet, Keef has a lot of growing up to do professionally and personally.