With the success of his show Power on Starz, it's only right that 50 Cent work to build his acting chops, with word coming via ScreenRant that the rapper may be cast in the upcoming Predator reboot. The Predator is currently scheduled for a March 2, 2018 release date with Shane Black, who directed Iron Man 3, currently at the helm. While casting news has yet to be released, two recent radio appearances would suggest that 50 has already been promised a role or is campaigning hard to get one.

Talking to DJ Enuff's "Heavy Hitters" show on Shade 45, 50 says, when asked about upcoming projects, “I’ll be doing some new feature films and stuff like that too. I’ll do Predator.” And elsewhere he told Miami's 99 Jamz UnCensored, “I’m working on some new projects. You heard of the movie Predator? I might be a part of that project this summer."

50's acting credentials beyond Power include 2015's Southpaw and his own biopic Get Rich or Die Tryin'. It would be a somewhat unconventional approach for 50 to either be announcing that he is or will be cast in the film without it being so, or to leak the casting information himself, but with two mentions of the film, it's clear that he is highly interested or has had some sort of dialogue pertaining to a role.

The two interviews are included above and below, with the full story over at ScreenRant. The IMDb page for The Predator currently lists no casting decisions.

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