2 Chainz has become a staple of sorts on Comedy Central's The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, breaking political terms and events down in a segment titled "2 Chainz Explainz." Previous clips had the Atlanta rapper lending his expertise to the Republican National Convention and Ben Carson's decision to suspend his campaign, but in the above video, he uses familiar rap conventions to better explain Super PACs or political action committees.

"Super PACs are independent political committees funded by companies, unions or just a bunch of rich motherf*&kers," 2 Chainz begins. "Super PACs have three goals, get that money, get that money and get that money. There’s no limit to how much money they can raise for their candidate. Once they get that money they usually do all kinds of dirty stuff with it like create attack ads. So basically Super PACs are like trap queens for the presidential candidates. They hold you down, they count your money and they’ll attack all your enemies. Anybody try to say something bad about you, that’s my type of girl right there. And we’re not talking about small money. Jeb Bush’s Super PAC raised $118 million for his failed bid this campaign season. $118 million? Super PACs are really like “I’m riding round I’m getting it…”

Each of the "2 Chainz Explainz" clips show the rapper in the same Supreme and fur outfit, meaning they were all recorded the same day, so who knows how many The Nightly Show currently has on ice. Hopefully it's a lot, as Chainz has the perfect mix of tone, charisma and savvy to give the segment the legs it needs. Catch his latest explanation up above.

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