Zoey Dollaz channels Shaggy on "Blame Me," a ultra-wavy new track featuring the talented Sam Sneak. Using the same War sample Shaggy used for "It Wasn't Me" ("Smile Happy"), "Blame Me" finds Dollaz and Sam Sneak telling their lovers it's not their fault they caught feelings.

“Always wanted to rap to Shaggy’s ‘It Wasn’t Me’ instrumental so I just went and used the sample and also I felt like Biggie inspired the verses to the song with a little twist of my own addition," Dollaz said of how he thought about doing this track. Sneak serves up a hook.

"I didn't do it on purpose it ain't me/I know you heard a lot of things this ain't TV,“ Sneak half-sings in the hook for the song. "Blame Me" sees Dollaz return to working with a producer he's collaborated with in the past.

"The song was produced by Smash David, same producer for ‘Blow a Check,’” he says of the new track. Sneak and Dollaz sound perfect together on the smooth new pseudo update of Shaggy's timeless classic, and it shouldn't be surprising: they're always working together.

"Me and Sam Sneak are always in the studio working quietly and he's always executive produced some of my songs so it made sense," Dollaz said of how their new track came together.

You can check out "Blame Me" below.

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