Nearly every professional athlete has pre-game rituals, superstitions, and routines that they must go through before playing in a game.

Sometimes, these routines happen before the game. Every skate or cleat must be laced up the same way, one sock must go on before the other, or a piece of equipment (like a stick or a bat) must be prepared a certain way.

Other superstitions must happen during the game itself, like not stepping on the foul line will going on and off the field, adjusting equipment a certain way before a play, or something along those lines.

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The most interesting rituals to me, though, often involve food. Most athletes consider their bodies to be "temples" of athletic achievement, and as such, can only eat and drink certain things while they're in season. Excess fats and sugars are simply prohibited when a game is on the horizon for most athletes.

Others, however, treat eating a bit differently around gameday.

Over the history of professional sports, stories have come out about some truly bizarre eating habits for athletes, with some of those athletes playing their games right here in New York. The rumors floating around range from hot dogs and soda, to a Halloween basket amount of candy for breakfast, or on the other side of the spectrum, bringing ingredients to a restaurant to give to the chef when preparing your food.

Here are ten stories about professional athletes who played in New York at one time or another, and the pre-game meals that would fuel them before taking the field, ice or court.

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