Young Thug's release of his much-anticipated mixtape last week, No, My Name is Jeffery, got more attention for his outfit than for the music. The cover features Thugger on the cover in a multi-layered blue dress with an umbrella-looking hat.

While the cover was memed to death by some and used as catalyst for frank discussions about black masculinity, homosexuality and misogyny, Erykah Badu praised the Atlanta rapper's cover, tweeting that it reminded her of "another ATLien I know." Of course, she was talking about her ex, Andre 3000, who routinely challenged fashion barriers throughout his career, sprinkling his stylistic leanings with obvious influence from Bootsy Collins, George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic.

Now, Young Thug has responded to Badu's compliment, thanking her for the praise on Instagram and even suggesting that maybe they should make some music together. With Badu's foray into trap&b on her most recent release, But You Cain't Use My Phone, it could definitely happen.

"Thanks Ms. [BADU].." he wrote in the caption, "Let's make us a baby!!"

He followed the "baby" comment with instrument emojis, indicating he was talking about creating something on wax together.

"My wife [sent] me this," he added, indicating that's how he found about about Badu's compliment.

Andre 3000, who is confirmed to appear at One MusicFest for the Dungeon Family reunion on Sept. 10 in Atlanta, hasn't commented on Thugger's cover, but he did pop up with a verse on Frank Ocean's Blonde that got everyone excited, and wishing he'd become interested in music again. As for Young Thug, No My Name is Jeffery is his third project of the year. He also released I’m Up back in February, and followed that up with Slime Season 3 the following month in March.

Check Thugger's "thank-you" post above.


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