Record Store Day's Black Friday is nearly upon us, where vinyl lovers will be able to purchase hard-to-find records by new and older artists alike. In fact, the organization just updated its list of selections on Tuesday (Oct. 25).

This year, fans will be able to own vinyl copies of D.R.A.M.'S Broccoli, The Geto Boys' "Mind Playing Tricks," Jungle Brothers' Done By The Forces of Nature, Run -DMC's "Christmas in Hollis," Erykah Badu's But You Cain't Use My Phone, Prince's "Sexy MF" and Lil Yachty's Lil Boat, among others.

For those unaware, Record Store Day is an organization comprised of independent record store owners around the globe, which started in 2007. According to its website, the main purpose of RSD is to "Celebrate the unique culture of a record store and the special role these independently owned stores play in their communities."

This year's Black Friday event is on Nov. 25., and you can see the full list of vinyl selections here.

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