After news broke that Young Thug was in love and proposed to girlfriend Jerrika Karlae, everyone wanted to know more about his boo. And finally the couple sat down with VLADTV to chat about how they met and how their feelings for each other have blossomed.

The two lovebirds met at Gucci Mane's studio years ago. However during the interview, we quickly learn that Thugger didn't easily get his lady love and made him work for it. "That's the first time we met. She turned me down," he recalled. "She was like, 'No.' I guess I was too street or something. And then the second time we met in Miami, and she was with her boyfriend."

After her relationship with her ex-boyfriend fizzled, Karlae revealed that she admired Young Thug's persistence and ended up being the one to reach out to a mutual friend when she was ready to make that love connection. However, it wasn't until they were both in the same place again that he finally revealed his feelings.

"He walked up on me and was just like, 'I wanna be with you. I really like you,' the swimsuit designer said. "Everything he said was perfect. He completely swept me off of my feet. That's what people don't know. He's a charmer, like especially with women. He will sweep you off your feet with his words."

Karlae also responded to the comments that people have been saying about Thug's sexuality and the validity of their relationship. She insists that they are very much in love and as far as the media and the comments, "I mean we're both young so we go through things, of course," she said.

"I say crazy because we always have this mentality that we belong to each other," she added further. "So even if he went out and did something I wouldn't approve of, it would be crazy because it would be like, 'You mine. But you mine. So we can't be doing that, but we'll both mess up."

Jerrika also talked about the proposal, which Thug confirmed at the Barter 6 listening party. She said that the Atlanta rhymer told her he was picking something up at the jeweler then told her to check his Instagram to see what he did. And even though she said yes then, she checked with him to make sure he was serious.

The couple haven't set a wedding date yet but say that it'll be a private ceremony. Young Thug also shared news about an album that he's writing all about Jerrika. While he didn't confirm whether or not it has anything to do with his long awaited debut LP, Hy!£UN35, it is something for us to look forward to in the near future.

You can watch the full interview with the happy couple above.

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