Young Buck is in the news once again and this time it’s not for calling out JAY-Z over his 4:44 release date. According to the G-Unit rapper, he was once considered for the role of Tupac Shakur in the biopic All Eyez On Me.

During an interview with Vlad TV, Young Buck said, “You know, people don’t know this, but I was supposed to play Pac… I was supposed to play Tupac Shakur,” the 37-year-old rapper said. “I didn’t get as far as going to read the scripts and things of that nature, but I actually was lined up as one of those guys to play Tupac.”

While he didn’t audition for the role of the late rapper, Young Buck said he was given the role without having to audition.

“I was told I was given the role without the audition until Pac himself came along," he said.

Whether Buck could have pulled off playing the role, we’ll never know, but the film ended up having a moderately successful first week with actor Demetrius Shipp Jr. as Pac, despite lukewarm reviews of the film.

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