I used to read This Old House magazine every month and one of my favorite features was the "Save This Old House" article on the last page. It was always some dilapidated old mansion that deserved to be saved and was either free or really cheap for someone to buy. Well, we've got one of those in Western New York and it's impressive...like 8000+ square feet impressive.

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The Zillow listing for the mansion shows 10 bedrooms and four bathrooms included in the 41 room total. The house is known locally as "The Castle" and some work has been done to protect it and keep it from deteriorating further. The listing calls it a "Mansard Style" mansion, but I've always heard this style referred to as Second Empire.

Someone did start some restoration on the mansion in the past. They put a new rubber roof on to seal up the leaks and upgraded the electrical as well as installing new boilers for heat and hot water. There's still a ton of work to be done, but with a $100,000 price tag, it seems almost too cheap for someone to pass up. Unlike some of the abandoned and crumbling mansions scattered throughout New York this one really should be saved.

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