Yo Gotti wants to prove that his CMG crew is just as dope as he is by releasing a new compilation mixtape, 'Chapter 1.' The first single from the effort is 'Been Thru It All.'

Of course, a successful rapper introducing his crew so they can also get some shine is as common as a rapper introducing weed to a split Dutch Master, so it's no shock that Gotti is doing all he can for CMG, which consists of himself, Zed Zilla, Milwaukee rapper Wave Chappelle and Snootie Wild.

While CMG is a group effort, Yo Gotti flies solo on this effort. "Flat broke, down, bad on my luck / In the trap hustling rappers like I'm stuck / I done been through it all," he raps.

'Been Thru It All' reveals a softer side of the Memphis rapper, as he details some of his struggles growing up, because even the biggest coke-rap fan needs something different every now and then, right?

'Chapter 1' is set for release in the coming months.

Listen to Yo Gotti's 'Been Thru It All'