YK Osiris is seeking the public's help in getting back his lost diamond earring.

On Monday (Dec. 20), the Jacksonville, Fla. crooner went on his Instagram Story to reveal that one of the $350,000 diamond studs that he recently purchased has gone missing.

He wrote, "I really lost one of my ear rings," including several angry emojis. YK added, "I'm sick."

YK also typed, "Please if anybody find my other ear ring, can u please return them," closing out the IG post with praying hand emojis. He went on to write that he won't be "getting another pair again," and that he's in disbelief over the loss of his expensive piece of jewelry.

Shortly after sharing the IG Story posts, YK Osiris posted a video to his page, pleading for help in recovering his pricey item.

"Listen, if anybody out there got integrity, can you please give me my earring back?" he began. "These not no cheap earrings. It's a lot of money. I will give you a reward for it. Whatever you want. Can you please just give me my earring back? Thank you."

YK Osiris confirmed to XXL this afternoon that he is offering a $60,000 reward for his missing earring.

News emerged late last month that YK dropped a large bag on the high-priced jewels, which former NFL player Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson didn't think was the best idea. Ochocinco, who has been forthcoming in the past about wearing faux jewelry during his time playing professional football, claimed he had earrings similar to YK Osiris', but paid a fraction of the price. Ochocinco also shared where he bought his earrings.

"I got the same earrings for $10 from Claire’s," he tweeted.

The "Worth It" crooner responded to Ochocinco's message, discouraging anyone from making that sort of expensive purchase.

"Ochococo talking ’bout, 'I got the same earrings.' That's cool," YK said. "To any kids out there watching this, to any folks that out there that's looking up to me, I don't advise you to ever pay that type of money for any type of jewelry, ever. Don't ever say I told you that. But what I will tell you is that do what the fuck you want to do with your money with your life. ’Cause guess what? If you broke or rich who gotta deal with that? You gotta deal with that."

He then said, "Don't let no Ochococo come up on Instagram talking ’bout he went to Claire's and got $10 earrings. Hey, I salute you brother. I'm not saying that's even wrong. It's your life and that's your money. Do what you want to do with it. Ochococo mind your mutha....And I'm still rich, bitch. Mind your business. Stay in your business. You can hit my DM, you ain't got to do all that capping for Instagram, man."

Over the last few weeks, YK Osiris made headlines for owing Lil Baby $5,000 and supposedly having an unpaid $60,000 bill with Drake.

However, YK recently said he'll be clearing all of his debts in 2022. In the meantime, hopefully Christmas comes early for YK Osiris and his earrings are returned.

Check out YK Osiris’ plea for the return of his earrings below.

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