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YK Osiris shared a message on Instagram Live that has his fans concerned.

Yesterday (Oct. 16), YK Osiris went on his Instagram Live and shared a lengthy video detailing how unhappy he is at his current spot in life and also claimed Drake and Lil Baby are no longer his friends. He even went as far as to admit he is experiencing suicidal urges. In the clip, the "Worth It" crooner is driving in Los Angeles.

"You can't use Drake with me, you can't use Lil Baby, ’cause they don't fuck with me no more," YK Osiris vented about his friendship with the rap stars. "So please don't use that. You haven't seen me around Drake in a minute or Lil Baby. Long time. So lets get that out the door. Please don't use that no more."

"I wanna die," a clearly frustrated YK Osiris added. "I wanna kill myself. I wanna just leave this Earth. But something telling me...I don't know."

He added, "I can't even see my kids. People look at me as a clown. I'm a talented person. But that doesn't matter because I don't drop my music. I don't do shit. I haven't even performed in fucking two years, nigga. I get why they don't fuck with me. But, I don't know."

He continued, "If I killed myself right now, if I go right now, how would y'all feel? Nobody ain't gon' give a fuck...I'ma tell you what people gon' say if I die right now...If I killed myself right now, they gon' say, 'Good, he don't have to pay no more debts no more.' They gone make gimmicks. 'I don't have to pay Drake anymore,' they gon' say that bullshit. 'I don't have to pay Lil Baby no more,' they gon' say that bullshit...They gon' say the dumbest shit ever, the funniest shit ever," he added, referencing his alleged debts to Drake and Lil Baby.

YK then stopped to give away $500 a piece to three kids on the corner and gave away another $500 to a woman who saw his altruistic deed and begged for money as well. The Def Jam crooner only asked that they pray for him in return.

"I just want to be happy. That's all I wanna do is be happy," he added after his giveaway. "My baby mama always tell me, 'Osiris, nobody fuck with you.' I always tell her, 'Ah, I don't believe you.' And nobody really don't fuck with me. She be telling me, 'Osiris, nobody fuck with you. Stop doing music, bruh. Your shit wack.' Now, I believe her. She's definitely right."

The video came on the heels of YK Osiris claiming an unnamed person stole $40,000 from him.

"I hate people that [steal] lol," he wrote on his Instagram Story. "Like u steal 40,000 from me and all u gonna do is blow it."

YK Osiris claims someone stole $40,000.

YK Osiris recently made the headlines after getting into a confrontation with a man outside of Cardi B's birthday party.

See Video of YK Osiris' Concerning Message Below

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