Halloween is tonight. The quickest way to ruin a young child’s fun is to fill their bag with candy that sucks. Handing out crappy candy is the quickest way to put a “ding-dong-ditch” target on your front door. Want to stay on the neighborhood’s good side? Stay away from these “treats”.

Candy Corn

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That’s right, candy corn… the Halloween staple. Personally, I love the stuff. The tiny pieces taste like chunks of frosting that melt in your mouth. There is, however, one major downfall to the treat – the ingredients. What is candy corn made of? Corn syrup, a crap load of sugar, some wax, food coloring and MINERAL OIL. Mineral oil just so happens to be a laxative. Hmmm… I guess they do call it candy CORN for a reason.


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Never had em? I’m envious. I made the mistake of popping one of these bad boys in my mouth as a young buck. For all I know, the cement-like candy is still sitting in my stomach from Halloween ’99. But how do they taste? Like a truck tire that ran over cow poop. Nuff said.


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Nobody wants your Easter leftovers, bruh….


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Do they taste like chalk? Yes. Do we still eat them? Yes. Are they the worst thing you’ll receive in your bag? No. Handing these out to trick or treaters say a lot about you. It’s the quickest way to alert the neighborhood that you are the cheapest house on the block. Can’t shell out another buck or two for a bang of chocolate?? SMH!

Peanut Butter Kisses


Who knew those taffy-like, tasteless chunks in orange and black wrappers actually had a name? A more accurate name would be “doo doo”. There’s a reason why stores have a million bags of these in the clearance aisle (the same reason why they’re all that’s left after you eat all the good candy).

Double Bubble

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Double Bubble is not for Halloween. It’s for people with stank breath. Hopefully some neighbors give out good candy to wash the stale Double Bubble taste out of our mouths.