Whoa. If you really, really love Rihanna, or if you really, really love the Rihanna fan in your life, you're going to want to nab a copy of deluxe edition of the pop diva's upcoming album 'Unapologetic.' But it's going to cost you big bucks. More like huge.

The Diamonds Executive Platinum Box will retail for a whopping $250, which is several times the normal price of a standard CD.

So what exactly would you be shelling out $250 for? According to AOL Music, here's a rundown of the limited edition items that the Diamonds Executive Platinum Box will include. It will boast a copy of 'Unapologetic'; a unisex T-shirt, perfect for boys and girls; seven art print 12x15 lithographs; a 2GB credit card-style USB; seven laptop stickers; and a View-Master containing 3D images that show RiRi's style evolution.

But wait, that's not all.

There will be a 40-page, custom notebook with handwritten notes from the 'Diamonds' singer herself. There will also be a personal note from RiRi to the Navy and an exclusive fan mosaic poster.

All these snazzy, special items will be housed in a collar box, with a trap door design. So while it does come with a steep price tag, it's a highly collectible piece that could increase in value over the years.

The regular version of 'Unapologetic' is out Nov. 12. The Diamonds Executive Platinum Edition – that sounds so official, doesn't it?- is out Dec. 11.

If there is a diehard member of the RiRi Navy in your life, now you know what to get them and you can happily cross them off your holiday shopping list.

Tell us, PopCrushers. Is $250 way too much to ask for a deluxe edition, even with all those extra treats?

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