Weird sad news in Schenectady: this morning police found a dead woman inside a parked charter bus.

According to the Daily Gazette, the bus belongs to Fox Bus Inc. and the driver completed a trip to Schenectady. The bus driver spent the night at the Imperial Motel, 927 State St., and found the woman when he returned to the bus at about 8:30 a.m.

The police have not been able to identify the woman or a cause of death. There is an autopsy scheduled for today. The investigation also came to an early standstill because of language barriers, the driver only speaks Chinese Mandarin and local police did not have a translator.

To make sense of this story. What we do know is the bus operates between Schenectady, Albany, and NYC. The owners are not local that means this woman could be from anywhere in the world.

This crime reminds me of the quadruple murder that took place a couple of years back in Guilderland. There were elements of international trafficking involved with that murder as well.

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