A New York woman has filed a lawsuit against MAC Cosmetics after she contracted herpes allegedly from a lipstick brand endorsed by Rihanna. Eww.

According to the New York Daily News, Starkeema Greenidge was attending RiRi's concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., on May 7, when she visited the MAC pop-up store at the venue. The store rep applied a used lipstick tube of RiRi Woo from Rihanna's RiRi [Hearts] MAC collection onto Greenidge's lips.

Two days later, Greenidge contends that she developed a cold sore on her lip and that her doctor diagnosed the condition as herpes.

The 28-year-old waitress believes that MAC reps didn’t provide new lipstick tubes for customer use. Instead, she alleges that the store allowed other consumers to use the same container repeatedly.

Greenidge is suing MAC to make sure the company takes sanitary precautions with their products. “This is going to happen over and over again if nothing is done," she states. She also adds that her diagnosis has left her in “mental anguish and emotional distress.”

We must also mention that Greenidge is not suing Rihanna, so the Grammy-winning singer escaped a legal bullet with this case.

Greenidge is seeking unspecified damages due to mental anguish. Rihanna's rep has no comment on the matter.