Miguel's infamous leg drop on an audience member at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards is coming back to haunt him. The injured woman is now considering a lawsuit against the singer.

According to E! News, Khyati Shah is pondering legal action with the help of attorney Vip Bhola pending results of a medical examination.

Bhola says his client has been experiencing "difficulties" after the incident but wouldn't elaborate further. "We will determine that after we have feedback from medical providers," he said.

It was all good between Shah and Miguel backstage at the awards following the fiasco. Although she was holding an ice pack to her elbow, she seemed perfectly fine and, might we say, gleeful that she got up close and personal with the singer.

However, it was probably embarrassing for her considering that the ordeal went viral and it looks painful every time we watch it.

Bhola tells E! News that he hasn't spoken to Miguel's representatives, but he and his client are open to a settlement. So there is a possibility that the 'Adorn' crooner won't have to go to court over this.

Hopefully, Miguel and Shah can come to an amicable agreement.