On a social media platform sprawling with "believe in yourself" aphorisms, few can match the optimism of Wiz Khalifa, not even the famous Wizdom parody Twitter account. Over the years, the Taylor Gang boss has consistently unloaded free-spirited tweets about weed, love and self-belief for messages that often double as life advice.

Known for his extreme love of weed and a fundamentally carefree lifestyle, Wiz lets his philosophies shine through when he tweets. Over the years, tweets from the Pittsburgh native have ranged from being lighthearted jokes to legit calls to action.

"Don’t be a I wanna do something fun ass mu fugga," he wrote in a tweet earlier this year. "Get yo ass up and do somethin fun."

Another time, Wiz gave fans advice on how to handle things when folks don't approve. "If your moves make someone uncomfortable, just say fuck it and keep pissin em off," he wrote this past March.

Whether it's slightly remixed parenthood sayings or calls to live young, wild and free, Wiz's tweets are a reflection of the positivity he's been promoting from the jump.

Today, in honor of the rapper's birthday, XXL takes a look at Wiz Khalifa's highly potent weedisms that you can apply to your life. See the funny bits of wisdom—or just silly commentary—for yourself below.

See Wiz Khalifa's Highly Potent Weedisms to Apply to Your Life

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