Three 6 Mafia's Juicy J and DJ Paul are coming at $uicideboy$'s pockets to the tune of $6.45 million in a new lawsuit.

According to court documents filed on June 25 that XXL obtained on Tuesday (Sept. 8), Paul and Juicy filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the $uicideboy$ for "illegally sampling and stealing" from 35 tracks belonging to Three 6 Mafia. Both groups have previously worked together in the past.

In the documents, attorneys for Three 6 Mafia claim that $uicideboy$, comprised of Ruby Da Cherry and Scrim, have illegally used elements from songs like “Mask and Da Glock,”  “Mafia Niggaz (Yeah Hoe)” and “Smoked Out, Loced Out” to "trade off and profit from Three 6 Mafia’s original sound and hard-earned success in the hip-hop industry."

For reference, the $uicideboy$ released songs titled "Ma$k and da GlocK,” “Smoked Out, Loced Out" and “BREAKDALAW2K16,” all of which are songs that feature the same instrumentals as the corresponding songs above.

"Defendants’ infringing songs have garnered millions of streams on, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple music for which they have received royalties payments," reads one part of the docs.

For compensation, Juicy and Paul are looking for $1,200,000 for "compensatory and actual damages, including [d]efendants’ profits from infringement" as well as $5,250,000 for statutory damages.

For their part, $uicideboy$ deny that they illegally sampled, stole or infringed upon any of the 35 Three 6 Mafia songs in court documents filed on Aug. 28. The New Orleans duo also deny that Juicy J and DJ Paul even own the copyrights for most of the songs that Ruby and Scrim, who dropped their I Want to Die in New Orleans album two years ago, are accused of stealing from.

Ruby and Scrim claim in the lawsuit that Juicy J never paid them "any fees, royalties or other compensation for their production services, unpublished beats and creative contributions to Juicy's Highly Intoxicated and Shutdafuckup mixtapes. They allege Juicy "never presented, and $uicideboy$ never signed, any document transferring the rights of $uicideboy$ in these production services, unpublished beats and creative contributions to" Juicy J.

In addition, they state that Juicy J verbally approved the clearances of any claimed Three 6 Mafia samples allegedly used by the $uicideboy$ in exchange for their production services, unpublished beats and creative contributions of the $uicideboy$ services to the two Juicy J mixtapes.

This news comes as a surprise because Juicy and DJ Paul have had a working relationship with the duo. According to the docs, a DJ Paul associate once offered $uicideboy$ $500 per show date to open for Paul and Crazytown. $uicideboy$ reportedly rejected the opportunity. Back in 2017, Juicy J said that he was making a mixtape with the $uicideboy$ and had been in the studio with the duo quite often. Both Juicy J and $uicideboy$ previously shared images of their recording sessions together on social media.

XXL has reached out to reps for $uicideboy$, Juicy J and DJ Paul for comment.

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