Football fans want to know when they can return to the Bills Stadium, and Governor Cuomo wants it to be sooner rather than later.

According to WVIB, this morning a reporter asked Governor Cuomo when we could expect to see fans attending the Bills games. Governor Cuomo responded that he would like to see fans in the stadium as soon as possible. He said, “After we had that conversation, the infection rate went wild in Western New York. The infection rate is now coming down. I’m going to be curious to see where we are when the Bills are in the playoffs. If they get a bye it will be in the middle of January. There are stadiums that have allowed people but it depends on the city.”

Governor Cuomo went on to say that on a personal level he would love to allow fans in the stadium. He said that Buffalo fans would be extremely excited to see their favorite team play.

Right now, Western New York has an infection rate of 6.57. Governor Cuomo said that if there is a smart science-based way to get fans into the stadium, then that’s what needs to be done. He went on to explain that the Health Commissioner, Howard Zucker, would be the one to make the decision on whether it’s safe for fans to enter the stadium.

Right now it’s just a wait-and-see situation. I know a lot of people from the Capital Region like to travel to see the Jets and The Bills play. If the COVID-19 infection rates are down in January, fans will probably be permitted to attend some playoff games. Hopefully the Bills will have a good standing in the playoffs and will have fans in attendance. Concerts and sports events will be different when they open back up. Will you return when the events return?

Will you attend live events when they return?

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