If he had one wish, I guess it would be to get Suge Knight pardoned from his 28-year sentence for murder.

He is BUGGIN! Just because his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian has been lobbying for criminal justice reform, doesn’t mean he’s going to have the same success. Ray J has been in talks with members of the Trump Administration to discuss the potential pardoning of rapper and friend Suge Knight, sources say.

He has been trying to land a meeting but the administration has been pushing for him to join the president on the road at one of his political rallies. I have yet to see one black entertainer gain any career success or boost by hanging out with Trump.

If you want to commit career suicide, then sure take that meeting and surrrrrre try and see about getting Suge Knight pardoned. Is anyone else side-eyeing why he would pick Suge of all people? Like out of all the black men locked up for murders and crimes they didn’t commit, why would you pick Suge who actually DID commit the murder and probably many others we don’t know about.

Nah, Ray J, Nah – sit down.

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