Here are several reasons why hockey can help you cross off some of your New Year's resolutions—especially ones you may have already lost motivation for.

Why hockey is good for you:

1)  Exercise: Did you eat too many cookies over the holidays? Perhaps you should consider hockey to burn off some extra calories. Hockey can provide aerobic exercise which is good for your heart, lungs, and maintaining a healthy weight.

2) Muscle Strength in Your Legs and Core: As anyone who is new to skating can tell you, your legs BURN! Add on some gear, and you can get quite the workout in.

3) Improved Hand-Eye Coordination: Hand-eye coordination is a learned skill, and you have to practice to make it better. Try shooting pucks once in a while and you’ll get better and better.

4) Social Skills: Re-learn the same lessons you were presented in elementary school. Don’t hit. Don’t kick. Don’t fight, or you’ll end up in time-out by yourself.

5) Personal Zen: It takes concentration to skate and shoot accurately while keeping the puck away from the other team. There’s not a lot of room left in your head for everything else off the ice.

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Need some additional motivation? Sign up for the Saratoga Frozen Springs Classic Pond Hockey Tournament on February 12-14 at the Saratoga Spa State Park.  It's a great chance to get some fresh air in the middle of the winter, and all skill levels are welcome!