Change is a funny thing. You either roll with it or you're set in your ways -- for better or for worse. Take Missy Elliott for example. The Virginia native has been traveling down her unique sonic path since the '90s, crafting the kind of rap that makes you boogie both in your seat at work or in the club. Since her come-up, a lot has changed on the music and fashion front. But one look in Missy's direction proves the rapper is sticking to what she knows best and has rarely deviated from her style and substance when dropping new music.

Think back to about 10 years ago to her run during 2005 and 2006. Misdemeanor stood out from her female rap counterparts without stripping down. Her clothing was colorful and bespoke and her videos were highly entertaining when it came to the look and lyrics (you even got a few laughs from her antics).

In the visual for "Lose Control," off her 2005 album, The Cookbook, her head is superimposed on a wife beater-wearing dancer in one shot while she flexes her footwork in her signature tracksuit in another. A year later, the video for her marching band-inspired track "We Run This" popped up featuring Missy in all her trucker hat-wearing glory and showing off her moves once again. She even did a little booty shaking in stick figure form.

Fast forward to her new video "WTF" to find the 44-year-old looking like she hasn't aged one bit nor stepped outside of her clothing comfort zone. Looking at the hair, the earrings, the hats and the get-ups makes it seem like Throwback Thursday is an everyday occurrence for Missy. But we're not complaining -- if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

From old photos and videos from 2005 and 2006 to her 2015 and 2016 looks, Missy Elliott hasn't changed much in 10 years. Check out the gallery above to see the proof.