Major League Baseball continues to struggle on reaching an agreement to start the regular season on time.  Now the first two series have been cancelled according to commissioner Rob Manfred when he addressed the media yesterday.  I just don't understand why the players and the owners are so far apart and how there is no Collective Bargaining Agreement yet.  We are coming up on three months of this lockout when it started back in early December.  Here is my quick take on this from the Times Union:

Shame on Major League Baseball for not getting a deal done before having to delay the start of the season. Shame on commissioner Rob Manfred for not starting serious negotiations months ago instead of waiting until the 11th hour. I hope Manfred realizes his product pales in comparison to the NFL, from average attendance to TV ratings and overall popularity. Baseball is heading in the wrong direction, and losing more and more fans each and every year.

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MJ and I had ESPN Baseball Analyst Tim Kurkjian on today to discuss the latest with this MLB lockout.  Tim is always the best and a friend of our program here on Big Board Sports.  He always delivers and he did again today and you can hear our full conversation with him below.

Even Tim Kurkjian is searching for answers on why this is taking so long and also why both sides have made little to no progress.  I can't keep being optimistic anymore because each time that I am, the MLB destroys that by delaying the regular season even more.  The MLB is way behind all other major sports in the U.S. and this is a prime example why.  We better have baseball by May at the absolute latest as the MLB needs to accommodate to their dedicated and patient fans.

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