Albums Don’t Mean What They Once Did Sadly:


Now the way we listen to music is way different than we used to we use playlists instead of listening to a full album like you supposed to I mean really a playlist of different songs instead of listening to an album song by song I’m sorry there’s something wrong about that I mean I want to listen to a whole project before I go buy the CD yes I still buy real albums for real.

I understand playlists if you want to listen a single just to listen to it but you should dig deeper for more than what is on the surface. When you hear a full album the whole thing compared to when you hear just a single is just different.

Now I know streaming is huge and it will be for the future most likely and I get it it’s easier and more usable for the new-school music listeners I stream but then I go to the store and get the CD I know everybody isn’t like me with music and that’s their choice everybody is different but I wish people really appreciated albums the way I do and forever will just worship albums because the artist puts so much work into their projects they deserve real support because they work so hard on these albums and it needs to be all the hard work that these artists put into their albums.

The other component to this that is crazy is that when you stream a song or album the artist only gets pennies compared to how much they make if you go out and get the CD and really support the artist. Yes physical album sales are down tremendously but you can stream and then go buy the CD but it’s your choice and your most likely going to choose a playlist over listening to full album in full and that’s the consumer’s choice I’ll always be a CD guy for life I’m old-school when it comes to getting my music.

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