Up and coming artist Apollo Rai is making some serious noise in the 518 and Tri-state area. I met Apollo back in November and was able to witness his artistry and true talent first hand while in the studio with Velous and up and coming producer DOC. What makes Apollo such a stand out artist and one to pay attention to is the fact that he is able to connect to the beat and really tap into his musical bag. His unique sound and vocals puts a twist on whatever part Apollo is on whether it be the hook, verse or adlibs, the song is almost always a guaranteed banger.

Apollo and his team have been doing a lot of heavy promotion, promoting new music and songs that he’s been working on, through social media, shows and radio. Apollo has had 3 songs already in the Who's Hot Saturday night playlist "No Jersey", "Slyme" and recently "Water". All 3 are produced by DOC and are all really dope in there own way. However, Slyme has been the most requested and the streets and fans are really rocking with that song heavy along with another banger " Trapstar" ft Kushie Sunoco. Both tracks are catchy, raw and definitely a hit. Apollo has stated that he will be dropping more music and videos on all major platforms real soon but for right now you can check out his SoundCloud and youtube Apollo Rai.

This man's work ethic is not slowing down anytime soon. He has made over 100 songs already but as we all know placement and timing is everything. I believe Apollo's name is going to start ringing bells outside the Albany area very soon.

Apollo's next performance in the 518 will be Sunday March 24th opening up for Souly Had and Entreband at Jupiter Hall. He is also performing April 6th at The Fuze box on DJ Hollyw8ds “Music Matters” showcase.

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