Craig Earle aka DJ T.G.I.F. born in raised in Albany NY and not afraid to represent the 518 any and everywhere he goes. TGIF put together a day for the Capital District to represent the Capital District The 2nd Annual #518Day Block Party is happening Saturday, May 18th!

Come join us for a showcase of some of the 518s Best Music, Art & Local Shops/Businesses ....aka shit bout to be hella fun beloved.

If you're interested in donating any services or food (hot dogs, hamburgers, waters, ice) please contact DJ TGIF.

If you're interested in tabling at #518Day Block Party please contact @djtgif because there IS a tabling fee.

A long time ago I stopped complaining about all the things that Albany, NY doesn’t have and started making them happen myself.

This place doesn’t get better without people willing to put in the work, beloved.


Which artist do you want to see at #518DAY Vote for the 518's Favorite to perform at #518Day.

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