Baseball fans have memories of being in the ballpark, eating a hot dog, maybe popcorn, even Cracker Jacks. Food and baseball go hand and hand, especially hot dogs. Back in April, did a ballpark food gallery on the best food at each ballpark in Major League Baseball. The selections run the gamut from Sushi at Yankee Stadium to the Donut Burger at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

Sure, every ballpark sells hot dogs but in this day and age where average ticket price in Major League Baseball exceeds $35. Some seats deliver prices in the $500 a game range. So, with those increased prices comes some gourmet selections at gourmet prices.

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Well, instead of highlighting the tasty food selections, let's highlight some of the gross ones, in one man's opinion!

#5 The Rocky Mountain Oyster Po'Boy - Coors Field in Colorado - Sorry, I may be a seafood snob and I could possibly eat this in Boston, Miami, New York, Baltimore or some other ballpark at least within a few hours of an ocean but oysters in the Rocky Mountains, at a ballpark, can't do it.

#4 The Donut Burger - Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia - Well, instead of a bun, the burger is served on a glazed donut topped with a spicy jam. Well, if the Phillies aren't making fans sick, this might.

#3 The Fried Dough Sunday - Fenway Park in Boston - Fried dough topped with soft serve ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

#2 Marlins Sushi - LoanDepot Park in Miami - shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, spicy mayo, drizzled with eel sauce. Well, anything drizzled with eel sauce loses me.

#1 Slider Dog - Progressive Field in Cleveland - A one pound hot dog topped with pimento macaroni, cheese, bacon and FRUIT LOOPS. Yes Fruit Loops the sugary breakfast cereal, mixed with hot dog meat? Gross!

That's my list. Let us know yours!

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